About Us

Our Motivation

Founders Zulfiqar & Tahir have started Leather Ideas to bridge the gap between premium-priced leather products and leather products of throwaway quality. We promise to deliver value to our customers by combining the principles of outstanding quality, value-based pricing and honest customer service, with responsible commerce.


Our Mission

● To give our customers access to a wide variety of handcrafted, high-quality leather products and accessories.

● Continuous improvement through innovation and ideation to offer new designs and products, created for usability and durability.

● To attract and retain customers by striving to exceed their expectations.

● Through our business, contribute to the betterment of society by donating a portion of our sales to selected charities.


Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the trusted and preferred provider of leather products and accessories in Australia.


Our Values

The way we do business is very important to us. We hope to create a legacy that has a positive impact on the society we live in and the environment we operate in.

● Social responsibility: Engaging in charity is a topic close to our heart. And so, we commit to donate a portion of our sales to selected charities, thus contributing to the betterment of society.

● Environmental responsibility: Ensuring our products are 100% cruel-free and sourced from ethically responsible suppliers using the hides from animals raised for their meat and dairy. In that sense, the leather we use is a by-product.