Our Warranty

Buy it once, Use it forever !


We’ve carefully selected our suppliers using our high quality standards to ensure the products last for decades, perhaps your entire life. We’ve invested heavily in the highest quality leather and materials. You’re not going to have to worry about our leather goods wearing out prematurely.

So here’s what our warranty means, what it covers and what it doesn’t.

Our warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for all of our leather goods. In the unlikely event that there are manufacturing or material defects, they would likely arise in the first few months of ownership, certainly within six months of regular use. After that, it is typically how well you maintain the product that determines its life.

If any defect becomes apparent during this time period, simply contact us and we’ll choose to either 1) replace the product; 2) repair it for you; or 3) pay for you to repair it at a reputable and reasonable repair shop. The choice between these options is at our discretion. If we choose to repair it, we’ll even pay for shipping each way. If we choose to have you repair it, we’ll arrange payment either to you directly or to the repair shop at our discretion.

Please note that there is no warranty coverage for normal wear and tear, natural aging of the product, damage caused by you or others, animal damage, excessive use and abuse, overloading, unintended use of the product, products that have been modified by you or others, etc.

We’re in this for the long haul and we want our customer to be happy. So if you have any concerns about your product feel free to reach out to us.